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Saturday Serenity


It’s Saturday afternoon here in Chicagoland.  Between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the upcoming Cyber Monday, I think it is rather fitting to have a, “Saturday Serenity” day, don’t you think?

I took the above photo in February, 2014.  I really like the soft glow and calmness of the sunrise.  We know that weather can sometimes represent our moods, so that’s why I chose this photo to accompany the ‘theme’ of the day:  serenity.

Black Friday has become quite the event here in the United States.  I have also heard that other countries (such as Canada) have adopted this advertising venture.  I must say I find it rather overwhelming if I am being honest.  I don’t go out into the crowds because I see it tends to bring out some of the worst traits in our fellow human beings.  Be that as it may, I do applaud companies who don’t start Black Friday on Thursday evening (Thanksgiving).  When on earth did that start?

I thought I would check online yesterday (the ‘official’ Black Friday and not Thursday evening!) to purchase something that was advertised for at least two weeks prior as an outstanding deal.  At 11:00 a.m. I went to the website, placed a few of these items in my virtual ‘cart’, and headed for the cyber checkout.

“We’re sorry, the items in your cart are no longer available”, ‘greeted’ me when I arrived at the world-wide web customer service counter.  A sale that was supposed to take place all Black FriDAY was over for me in one swoop.

I noted earlier that I was very pleased with those companies who chose to stay closed on Thanksgiving (Thursday) evening, and not succumb to corporate pressure by flailing the doors wide open only minutes after the turkey had barely settled, and the pumpkin pie but a fleeting memory for Thanksgiving shoppers.  The workers need time with their families too, and by goodness so do those early bird shoppers!  With my frustration showing its ugly head at 11:00 a.m. on Black Friday, I do not even want to imagine what the people in stores were feeling (I am referring to those who weren’t exhibiting the qualities that belong in a boxing ring and clearly not in line at a department store).

Which brings me back to the picture of the day.  I’m sending this out to everyone who needs a nudge as a reminder to take a deep breath, calm the senses, and envelop the serenity and stillness of a Lake Michigan sunrise.  Ah, yes, that’s better……………

Wait? What? Is that the Cyber Monday flyer for Macy’s?

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