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Saturday Serenity: Clouds Over Lake Michigan – A Calm Reprieve

I hope you are keeping well and staying safe as we muddle our way through unchartered territory (a.k.a. COVID-19.)

I took this photo of Lake Michigan last week just before dusk. The clouds were a lovely mixture of dark, light, and somewhere in-between.

I feel this is a good representation as to where our planet is at the moment in dealing with the pandemic. We also must remind ourselves that over time we will begin to recognize that the simple things in life really are the most precious.

Don’t forget to please check in on someone you know that could really use a friendly ‘Hello, how are you?’ It will be more than welcome; I’m certain of it.

With various shops, restaurants, and services beginning to open (with restrictions) I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief to ‘do something normal,’ as my sweet Mum mentioned to me.

So here’s to having haircuts, trips to the park, a meal on a patio, and the promise of good and things ahead!

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