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Sunday Serenity: How are you Doing?

[I took this photo about a week ago on a very hot and humid day here in Chicago. When I saw this beauty, I just had to snap a pic to share with you].

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, so I thought I would do just that, and check in on everyone.

How are you doing? Have things started to get back to normal in your part of the globe? It has been a surreal time since the pandemic began, hasn’t it?

I’ve found it particularly difficult to fathom the cavernous divide that has happened here in the U.S. I won’t get into the political aspects of it all, but I think you understand what I mean.

I have had a very hard time with it. It is something I struggle with, if I’m being honest. My thoughts seem to boil down to this: I want people to be happy, safe, and inclusive.

Simplistic? Perhaps. I know there are many complicating factors that stand in the way of achieving my seemingly altruistic wishes. Nonetheless, that really is how I feel.

I do know that things are (and will continue) to get better around the planet. I find it helpful to remind myself of this every day.

I’ve seen so many people struggle throughout this entire pandemic. Kind words are always vital, but I think they take on an extra sense of appreciation when we practice kindness on purpose.

I’ll hazard a guess when this entire pandemic is finally under control, we will all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Things have changed a lot during the past 18 or so months, but I’d like to think that good lessons have been learned and new, more understanding and positive thoughts have entered our memories.

My wee challenge for you today is this: please consider one small act of kindness, no matter what it is. A quick text, email, phone call, or even something as simple as opening the door for someone. Think about how you feel when it happens to you. Quite nice, isn’t it?

Here’s mine for you. I took this picture yesterday and was struck at how after a brief rain shower this beautiful rainbow appeared. It seemed to be flying a cloud kite! (forgive the dark spots on the pic; they are actually raindrops on the window)!

I hope you have a lovely day! P.S. Watch out for rainbows and magical moments!

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