Category: March, 2015

A Path that Leads to everywhere!

Lincoln Park Chicago

Ah, lovely Lincoln Park Zoo.  This is one of my absolute favorite spots to have a great walk with wonderful scenery.  I also love the juxtaposition of the calm and serene path while in the distance the City of Chicago looms large.  You can see the John Hancock Building standing tall amongst the other downtown structures.  If one were to travel, “as the crow flies” it would appear the path leads directly to, “Big John” as it is affectionately called by Chicagoans.  I must say when I took this photo it literally seemed like a picture-perfect day.  Why, I didn’t notice until later that day I had even captured a cyclist on the path; I was so focused on the, ‘bigger picture’.  Hhhhmm, a metaphor in there, perhaps?

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