Category: March, 2015

Throwback Thursday – Tiffany Surprises in Chicagoland!


Here is a re-post from last March; what a masterpiece of Tiffany glass!

Will wonders never cease!  Feast your eyes on this magnificent Tiffany (yes, THAT Tiffany) stained glass creation! This stained glass window is at least eight feet tall! How do I know this? Why, on my wanderings of our fair city and suburbs, I was in Evanston, Illinois (home of actors John Cusack of 80’s teen movies fame, and Jeremy Piven who plays, “Mr. Selfridge” in the Masterpiece Theatre’s series entitled, well, “Mr. Selfridge”) when I came upon this enchanting artwork and snapped a photo.

At first I thought, wow, this sure is a fancy building! But after some sleuthing, I discovered that the gentleman who owns this particular old and charming building happens to be a collector of Tiffany stained glass windows, among other notables.

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