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Frank Lloyd Wright Series: Architect’s Studio

Frank Lloyd Wright Architects Room

Continuing in our Frank Lloyd Wright series, the above photo is the balcony of the design studio.  This two-story area of the Wright home was an area of collaboration between Wright, artisans, and architectures.  Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Prairie style was created in this room.  Other magnificent Wright structures began on paper in Wright’s office (seen in the next photo):

Frank Lloyd Wright Office

I love behind the scenes information.  Here’s a little interesting nugget of Wright lore.  Although it is difficult to see in this photo, Wright created the bathroom of the studio behind his office and down a flight of stairs.  If you look at the stained glass windows at the back, below was a set of stairs leading to the bathroom.  Not only did Wright ‘hear’ the door open (which has a glass inlay) and close to get to the bathroom, he could also see who was going through the door, as the ledge behind his office was an open concept (note the green plant, book; this is actually a ledge that you can look through to see ‘down’ the stairs).

Apparently this intentional ‘basement bathroom design’ allowed Wright to know if his architects were taking too many breaks away from their work!

I suppose it can be said that genius in one realm should not imply rational behavior in another! Nonetheless, Frank Lloyd Wright’s magnificent mind allows future generations to bear witness to his amazing, creative structures.

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