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My 8 Oddities: Or Are They Normal Behaviors?

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Do you ever wonder if some of the little things you do are shared by others?  I started to think about a few things that I do and wondered if anyone else partakes in these peculiarities too!

So here is a list of 8 behaviors/actions that I have utterly no idea as to whether you do them too:

  1. I never take the first item off a store shelf (or in the refrigerator section); I take the one behind it or even the one after (you know, perhaps someone opened the box or container of the first item and tampered with it);
  2. Sometimes when I am at the library or a book store, I’ll randomly choose any book and open it to a page and read the first thing I see (quite synchronistic at times, believe it or not);
  3. When I sneeze and no one else is around, out loud I say, “Bless you”;
  4. I always put my coat on with the left sleeve first, NEVER the right sleeve first or it just feels strange (I’m left-handed; does that make a difference in my behavior? LOL);
  5. When I finish reading a book, I close it, and out loud give it my two-second commentary (“Well, that wasn’t worth the overdue book charge at the library, or “Wow, soooo cool”);
  6. I keep various sizes of jeans in my closet because I just never know when I’ll lose a few pounds or gain (several);
  7. I don’t know how to properly shuffle a deck of cards, so if I happen to be in a card game (rarely) I always do the ‘polite’ thing and let everyone else shuffle (“No, I insist, you are a terrific shuffler”); and
  8. I wave at every single dog that passes me by on the street (sometimes to the chagrin of their pet parent) and add, “Hi puppy!”.

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Okay, please tell me that you too have some interesting ‘oddities’ you say or do on a regular basis! I’d love to know that I’m not the only one who partakes in the peculiar!


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