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Tuesday’s Tip: Tip to the Top!

Mickey Finn Photo domu.com history-map

–  photo courtesy of domu.com

Here is a bit of Tuesday Trivia that will hopefully not leave a bad taste in your mouth!  Back in 1903, local Chicago bartender and manager of a fine, upstanding restaurant called the, “Lone Star Saloon and Palm Garden Restaurant”, created a unique and inducing way to put a few extra coffers in his apron pocket.

Michael, “Mickey” Finn took the liberty of providing his customers with a bit of extra bang for their boozing buck.  Mickey was implicated for adding a drug (chloral hydrate) to libations in order to render patrons knocked-out, and consequently robbed of their moonshine money.

Not to be outdone by their money-making Mickey, in 1918 over 100 waiters were arrested for poisoning abominable tippers; this was done by, “slippin’ someone a mickey”, as it became known throughout the waiter crowd.


Mickey Finn Newspaper article chicagoreader

– photo courtesy of chicagoreader.com

The illustrious, “Waiters’ Union Headquarters” was only too happy to fulfill requests by its membership for small packets of, “Mickey Finn Powder”, as it was called.  At a bargain-basement price of only 20 cents, a jilted spirits server could elicit in its cheapo customer feelings of dizziness, sluggishness, and in some cases, it became lethal.

Mickey Finn Photo whatdoyouknowshow.com

– photo courtesy of whatdoyouknowshow.com

A Tuesday Tip to the Wise:  A slip of the tip might just wind you up encountering a spaced-out trip!


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