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Saturday Serenity: Carrying Kindness

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One of my favorite topics to write about is kindness.  The post I did last November called, “Sunday Serenity:  A Little Bit of Kindness Does Matter” was an experience that I still cherish and yet I could have missed this ‘kindness opportunity’ had I simply continued to scurry along in my quest to get home. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds that it’s extremely easy to miss the opportunities to show kindness to others.  I have often heard people talk about showing kindness to others, but that they didn’t receive any in return from that person.

Here is what I think:  I feel that the actual act of kindness in and of itself is what is important.  It isn’t necessarily a ‘must have’ to experience reciprocation from the individual with whom you shared a kindness moment.  When you are kind to others, the feeling you get is priceless, don’t you think? But here’s something else I’ve learned about showing kindness to others:  you always get it returned to you in some form or another.  I really do see it as a boomerang effect.  “Putting kindness out there”, so to speak, seems to echo right back to you.

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I try to practice kindness every single day.  Sometimes I look for ways to be kind, while other times it shows up for me.  Case in point:

Some of the train stops in Chicago have elevators to get to the elevated platforms.  Some do not.  The stop closest to me happens to be the latter.  Making your way up a long flight of stairs can be a bit taxing if you are also hauling bags, groceries, or whatever to the top of a 20-step staircase.

The other day I was making my way up those steps, when I saw an older woman half-way up the staircase struggling with a small suitcase in one hand, and a large, overfilled bag in the other.  I caught up to her and said, “Can I help you with this bag?” She looked a bit startled and relieved at the same time.  She nodded and I added, “I’ll just carry this suitcase up for you, okay?” The woman again nodded as I made my way up to the train platform.

Once we were both standing at the top of the stairs I handed her the bag; with a wide smile she said this to me:  “Thank you………..Happy Day!” I began to grin as I replied, “Happy Day!” I realized that she wasn’t fluent in English, and yet she seemed to quickly search for words that expressed her gratitude for my assistance.

I continued to smile as I waited for my train (hers was going in the opposite direction).  The feeling that washed over me was complete and utter gratitude from this dear soul’s, “Happy Day” remark.  “Carrying kindness” for me was not only literal (carrying her suitcase) but I “carried kindness” with me for the entire day thinking about the, “Happy Day” sentiment, and how kind those words felt.

And so, on this rainy, foggy, chilly day here in Chicago, I hope you find yourself ‘carrying kindness’ today, whether in suitcase form, or with a gentle smile to a passerby.

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