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The Friday File – 13th, full-moon….I know, let’s paddle!

Full Moon Paddle Event

[photo courtesy of chicagopaddlecompany.com]

As you probably know (and depending where on the planet you find yourself at this very moment you may have already experienced this phenomenon) Friday, June 13th is also highlighted with a most rare occurrence:  a full moon!

This has not happened since 1919, nor will it happen again until the year 2049.

The photo above is an event that is taking place this evening here in Chicago.  It is called, “Friday Night Lights Full Moon Paddle Event”.  This evening the idea is to get on a board, paddle out into Lake Michigan, and, well, come back to shore…………..in the dark…………………by the light of the honey-colored moon.

night_owl6hxdetail1 (2)

[photo courtesy of forums.station.sony.com]

Far be it from me to put the kibosh on some ha ha, hee hee kind of fun.  I don’t know, is it just me or does the idea of standing up on a board with only the use of a paddle IN THE DARK bother anyone? I mean, what if the man in the moon decides enough is enough and turns the moon beam machine down to low? Where are you now? I’ll tell you where you are now………….you are in the middle of Lake Michigan about to become intimately acquainted with the night owls who are watching you fall into the drink!


[photo courtesy of voices.suntimes.com]

Wait, I’ve got a solution! Instead of being sad or ‘blue’ whilst paddling about attempting to get out of the lake, why don’t you take part in being ‘blue’ BY the lake; here, I’ll show you what I mean:

Chicago Blues Festival Blues by the Lake city of chicago org

[photo courtesy of cityofchicago.org]

Yes, you too can be blue BY the lake instead of part OF said lake.  Tonight begins the Chicago Blues Festival; Blues By The Lake.

I shall leave it up to you; your choice.  Do you sink, swim, or sing?  These things only happen once in a blue moon!

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