Lions & Blackhawks & Bears, Oh my!

Yesterday’s post was about the Art and Food Exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.  But there was something I didn’t mention:  lions.  Yes, lions.

Guarding the Art Institute of Chicago are two bronze lions who have been at their posts since 1893.  The Art Institute of Chicago opened that year, and the lions have been dutiful centurions ever since.  Rather a boring job, wouldn’t you say? Ah, but these two special kings of the art forest have had their fair share of, shall we say, adornments placed upon them.  Here is what the statues look like during a ‘regular’ day:

Art Institute Lion Statue

Here is how they look at Christmas:

Art Institute Lion Statue Wreath

When a major sports team makes the final round of its league’s playoffs, the lions seem to join the festivities.

Art Institute Lion Statue Chicago Blackhawks Helmet

This is the lion’s share, as it were, of the Chicago Blackhawks!

Art Institute Lion Statue Chicago Bears Helmet

Uh oh, it looks like some Chicago Bears have invaded Michigan Avenue where the Art Institute of Chicago is located!

Art Institute of Chicago Lions White Sox

Hhhhmm, methinks the lion is sporting some Chicago White Sox!

Chicago Art Institute Lion Bulls Basketball

Ah, what do we have here? Looks like a lot of Chicago Bull(s) to me!

So there you have it, sports fans and non-sports fans alike!  I find the juxtaposition of art, animals, and sports quite amusing.  I’m sure we do not have to wonder where the lions are; they just might be preparing for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series.  Wait, that hasn’t happened since the lions were fifteen years old; yes, my friends, I’ll do the math for you.  The Chicago Cubs last won the World Series in 1908.   The lions are now 121 years old.  By the time the Art Institute Lions bear the Cubs cap, baseball could be played in a floating field with light sabres for bats, and holographic balls.  Even the lions have their pride.

Chicago Cubs World Series Badge 1908

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