Ram, Sheep, or Goat?……..No matter, with a Firecracker Coat!

Chinese New Year Ram 2015

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the year of the, um, Ram, Sheep, Goat? It depends on who you ask.  I’m bewildered about this, to say the least.  Nonetheless, I present to you the Macy’s Chinese New Year’s Ram!

A six-member delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Culture’s, Arts, and Entertainment Group traveled to Chicago to assist in creating some incredible decorations for this year’s celebrations.  The Ram Display you see above is made of firecrackers!  Apologies for the less than stellar quality of the photo; I had to shimmy my way to the front of the display in order to get a clear snap for you!

There are approximately 43,000 residents of Chinese descent living in the Chicago area; bless them for sharing their festive and colorful celebrations with all Chicagoans! Celebrations for Chinese New Year began on February 15th and will finish on March 1st.

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