It’s Squirrel Snacky Break!

Squirrel Feb 24 2015

I seem to be reverting back to my Canadian “apologize for everything” mode lately.  So here it is, I apologize for the poor quality of this photo!  We have a mayoral election happening today here in Chicago.  This was my first time voting as a U.S. Citizen!  As I was approaching my polling center, a rather strange scene occurred in my peripheral vision.  A squirrel decided a snack break was in order, and sat down to munch on a cheese puff (in Canada we call them, “cheezies”).  I tried so hard to catch this little guy whilst he was munching away.  I could actually hear him crunching and I tried not to laugh lest he skedaddle away.  Just after I snapped the photo, away he went!

I watched him run under a tree; lo and behold, there were two other squirrels looking back at me with that crazy squirrel look of, “Hey, what are YOU looking at?”  “Haven’t you ever seen the Chicago Squirrel Society on a snack break?”

Mind you, I certainly don’t blame them; after all, even squirrels deserve time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Or, in this case, snacks surreptitiously stolen from voters unaware!  Quite the stealthy group, these Chicago squirrels!

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