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The Chicago Files – One Year Anniversary!


– photo courtesy of quandun.com

A year ago today I sat in this very seat, laptop balanced carefully on my, well lap of course (*grin).  Quite frankly I wasn’t sure what would transpire with my newly acquainted blog.  Little did I know what absolutely phenomenal people I would encounter along the way.

I am in awe of the talent that has found its way to WordPress blogs.  From intriguing photos to poems that have literally shifted my thinking, I cannot begin to tell you all how much I appreciate you and your gifts.  What a collegial community we have here in the, ‘blogosphere’ (I certainly didn’t make this word up, but I wish I had)!

I started my blog due to the prompting from others on Facebook whenever I’d mention something rather strange or bewildering that occurred that day here in the, “Windy City”.  It was the take-off point from which I now find myself one year later writing this wee anniversary post.

Thank you to everyone who stops by The Chicago Files.  Without sounding too much like a canned speech from someone standing on the rickety steps of a well-worn community hall, I appreciate your comments and kudos immensely.  Truly writing is my passion, and to have it acknowledged by you is what makes my heart sing.


– photo courtesy of boscobel.com

Please stop by The Chicago Files anytime; it is because of you I am filled with the joy of writing.

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