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Sunday Serenity: Comedic Birds in the Bush!

A few days ago, I was walking along a very busy street; one that I often stroll along.

But on this day things were very different.  There is a short line of bushes in one particular area that I’m always happy to see.  Otherwise, it’s just a myriad of buildings for quite a stretch.

Digressing just a bit, have you ever had the experience whereby people are having a spirited conversation, only to cease and desist when you walk into the room?

Case in point:  As I approached the area near the bushes (photo above), I could hear a mammoth chirp-session that sounded as if dozens of birds were having quite the chat (if you look closely, you will see lots of birds in the bushes).

As I got closer to the bushes, ALL, and I mean ALL of the chattering stopped on a dime.  Usually when birds sense an interloper in their midst they all fly away.  But that’s not what happened.  As if taking the lead from some unseen bird symphony conductor, the air fell silent literally right on cue.

I laughed out loud and thought, Hhhhhmmm, now, what’s this, then?” If you look at the top of the bushes, you will see a couple of the choir cheepers looking straight at me (which is often the case with creatures I ‘meet’ for some reason).

I took a couple of photos, and quietly went along my way.  You might have already guessed what happened next.  As I got farther away, the chirping chat began again.

I have no explanation for this, except to say it was absolutely hysterical to me at the time.  I am pleased they didn’t fly away, but I do wonder if I should be happy or insulted when the chattering stopped in unison.

Hard to say, really.  Just for the record, I did wonder if one of the outspoken squirrels I often see got to them first and relayed the message that: ‘this one’ is going to point an object at you and say, ‘thanks for the photo!’ It would make sense to me that collectively the birds said, “Oh, it’s YOUUUUUUUUU!” LOL

Enough bird chatter!  I hope you are having a serene-filled Sunday!

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