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Happy Halloween From The Chicago Files!!

Ah, Halloween.  One of my favorite holidays of the year! I had so much fun as a kid partaking in the annual trick or treating events! As I have always LOVED candy, my street was my, ‘mecca’ on Halloween.

There was such a vibrant and exciting thrill (and chill!) in the air on Halloween night.  Costume and pillowcase (for maximum treat gathering!) at the ready, I’d be out the door in a flash!

Once maximum candy capacity was reached, I would haul my pillowcase with its treasure trove of treats back home, all the while tempted to stop by a few more houses just, ‘in case’ they had something amazing to give to trick or treaters.  You know, perhaps a bag of chips, a full-sized (eek!) chocolate bar, that sort of thing.

Once my tired little self was safely back home, the pillowcase would be turned upside down, candy contents spilling out and flying in every possible direction.  At this point the REAL work began; sorting the evening’s triumph!

My, ‘methodology’, as it were, went something like this:  don’t like it, sort of like it, sometimes like it, and the top-tier, “Wow, where has this candy been, and which house gave it to me because I LOVE it!”

You know, I could never understand how some kids managed to keep the majority of their candy bounty until after Christmas.  Christmas? I could barely keep it, ‘in stock’ for over a week!

In case you are wondering, my sweet tooth continues to this day.  Oh, and Mum (she reads all of my posts, bless her); thank you for your diligence arranging dentist appointments for your truly. My teeth (and great condition thereof) thank you!

Now, about that candy you don’t like……………………… 🙂

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