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Oh Say Can you Canadians Sing, by the Star Spangled Banner?

Toronto fans sing Star Spangled Banner

– photo courtesy of resources1.news.com

Talk about the exemplification of the Canadian hockey soul!  On November 18th, the Toronto Maple Leafs  hosted the Nashville Predators .  Not an unusual occurrence in any stretch of the imagination on a cold winter’s evening in Canada.  Ah, but this night was different.

As you may (or may not) know, the Canadian National Anthem is played prior to the commencement of a hockey game in the NHL (National Hockey League) if a Canadian team is playing.  The same goes for the American National Anthem; and, as you have probably deduced (clever you!) if a team from each country is playing, both anthems are played.  It usually consists of a soloist, special guest singer, you get the idea.

On this particular evening, as the soloist provided the crowd with her rendition of the American National Anthem, the, “Star Spangled Banner” the microphone ceremoniously cut out.  With what can only be coined as a, “Great Canadian Moment” didn’t the entire crowd pick up where the microphone let off, and sang the, “Star Spangled Banner” in honor of the American team.

Canadians singing the Star Spangled Banner; indeed, how, “Canadian” of them to do so!!

Toronto Maple Leafs play the Nashville Predators

– photo courtesy of huffpost.com

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that a few weeks ago prior to the start of a Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Philadelphia Flyers hockey game (both American teams), something wonderful happened.  In honor of Canadians (and the recent tragedy that occurred on Parliament Hill when a Canadian soldier was killed) the Canadian National Anthem, “O Canada” was played in lieu of the American National Anthem.

I for one am convinced that hockey does, in fact, warm the heart, despite the rink of ice it is played on.  Some things happen for a wonderful reason; even failed microphones can have their place in contributing to magical moments!



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