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The Friday File – “Big John” Tilts for Trusting Travelers!

John Hancock Tilt

[photo courtesy of chicago.cbslocal.com]

Now, far be it from me to try to put the kibosh on one’s fun; however, this is not my kind of fun!

I wrote a post a few months back about the John Hancock Building, affectionately known here in Chicago as, “Big John”.  Big John, as it were, has an observation deck (recently renamed, “360 Chicago”) if you are so inclined to view CHItown from approximately 1,000 feet in the air.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 10, 2014 marks a new era in the John Hancock Building’s repertoire of “delights”, and it is called, “TILT”.


[photo courtesy of voices.suntimes.com]

Yes, YOU and seven of your closest, terrified friends (or perhaps enemies after this event!) can observe The Windy City by placing yourself in a glass area, while the person at the helm “tilts” you forward until 30 degrees (maximum) is reached.  The system cannot go any farther than that! Cannot go any farther than that??? My, “cannot go any farther than that” is watching you from a nice little cafe at street level whilst I smile and wave!!  Hello, wishing you were here!!

Speaking of which, would you like to see what “street level” looks like from your tilting topography?

John Hancock Tilt 4

[photo courtesy of suntimes.com]

Here is what “TILT” looks like from the outside:  if you look closely you might just see a “tilter” or two:

John Hancock Tilt 3

[photo courtesy of veooz.com]

Here is a link to the “Tilt” website, for those that cannot wait to find out more:


They say Chicago has something for everyone.  But I must ask:  who are the “for everyone” folks that find themselves queuing up to tilt? From hereon-in I shall think of them as the, “Tilter Tribe”.  Elusive? Perhaps.  Brave? Maybe.  Capable of convincing me to follow their illustrious trail? No.  And with that, I tilt my hat and wish you a wonderful weekend!




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