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Odyssey Cruising – Part 2


If you haven’t had the opportunity to read, Odyssey Cruising, Part 1, here it is in case you’d like to start at the beginning!

The photo above shows part of the Chicago skyline that I absolutely love!  I wish it hadn’t been such a cloudy, hazy day, as I was hoping to get some clearer pictures to show you.  Can you see the towering John Hancock Building?

Let’s go back inside the ship for a moment, while I introduce you to the captain:


This is Captain Jason.  He was kind enough to allow us onto the bridge!  The first thing I noticed was how exceptionally quiet it was.  Perhaps I’ve seen too many swashbuckling movies set on the high seas! Due to previous weather constraints, our particular cruise was the first time this season that Captain Jason was able to take the Odyssey past the breakwall near Navy Pier.  Another appreciated bonus for us!

For those of you who enjoy the ‘fyi’ aspects of, well, practically everything *grin*, here is some general information about the Odyssey:

  • there are four decks; the first three are named for jewels:  lowest desk is Amethyst (our deck), followed by Sapphire, and then Topaz, with an outside observation deck on top;
  • jewel decks have dining areas, dance floors; observation deck has seating for relaxing while you cruise;
  • the Odyssey not only has lunch and dinner cruises, but specialty cruises (watching the fireworks at Navy Pier, for example) and special occasions, business events, etc.; and
  • the ship can accommodate up to 749 guests.

Oh, I took some photos of a few decks to share with you:


Do you recall from the, “Part 1” post that a Chicago Fire Department member just got married on the Odyssey?  We sneaked a peek into their reception and took a quick photo!

Here is our deck just prior to the beginning of the cruise:


The table next to ours was decorated in such a lovely way, with flowers adorning the crisp, white tablecloth:


We actually wondered who was going to sit there, as it was literally just a few minutes before the ship sailed and a couple quickly sat down! It turned out to be the sweetest couple (Angela and Lonnie) who were celebrating their 4th year wedding anniversary.  Both remarked that they just made it on time, being the last guests to arrive.  It was a pleasure to sit next to them, and I was extremely pleased for them that their timing was perfect.

As I didn’t get a photo of the observation deck, the great folks from the Odyssey have provided one for me to show you:


Oh look, there’s the Adler Planetarium (I’ve never seen it from the water before):


Another skyline shot; this time, can you spot the Willis Tower (Sears Tower to the ‘locals’):


Here is a shot of Navy Pier with the Ferris Wheel flanking the photo:


I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t mention Odyssey Cruise member Peter.  Peter is the Entertainment Director, and he did an outstanding job at making all guests feel special, providing an engaging conversation with everyone at every table.  I could tell the guests appreciated this gesture (including yours truly).

Well my dear readers, the ship has docked, our minds filled with special memories of this exceptional two-hour lunch cruise.  As you probably know, the time utterly flew.  That’s always a sign of a good time, don’t you think?

The Odyssey Cruise experience is now my number one choice as the ‘must do’ attraction when visiting Chicago.  For residents who haven’t ventured out onto Lake Michigan aboard the Odyssey, I encourage you to check it out.  Truly, I cannot wait to return to cruise aboard this fine vessel; I had a blast!

Here is where you can find out more about all the cruising:


Huge thanks to Emily Cleary, Marketing Manager of Entertainment Cruises Chicago, Kacie Grace, Captain Jason, Juan Carlos, Avery, the entire crew, and Peter, the sensational Entertainment Director.

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