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The Chicago Files: Post Number 1,000!

The other day I just happened to glance at the number of posts I’ve done; lo and behold, today marks post number 1,000!  I can hardly believe it, as it literally seems as if it were a couple of months ago when I actually started my blog (in reality it was January, 2014).  Back then, I decided to post facts and findings about Chicago, including the bewildering, the bizarre, and the humor that clearly extends to the animal kingdom.

I thought it fitting to post this photo I took recently of a very “Chicago” squirrel, who, as you can see, felt it necessary to show me who’s boss of this block!  I was trying to get him to at least look at me for a quick photo ‘op’.  However, he kept me on the move, running behind bushes, darting across a field, and finally deciding he had enough of ‘my’ antics and allowed me to take his photo.

I want to thank you so much, my dear readers, for stopping by The Chicago Files whenever you have the chance.  It means the world to me, and my appreciation for you is immense. Thank YOU, times 1,000!


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