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How To See Chicago From a Captivating Angle – Part 3

As we continue skyward in the final part of our helicopter series with Chicago Helicopter Experience (CHE) (Here is Part 1:  How to See Chicago From a Captivating Angle – Part 1 and Part 2:  How to see Chicago From a Captivating Angle – Part 2) the above photo is one of my favorites!  If you look closely you can see a Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier! The Ferris Wheel was invented in Chicago by, yes, you guessed it, George FERRIS!  You can also see the John Hancock Building towering high above the Chicago skyline.  Look at the color of Lake Michigan! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but the City of Chicago actually obtains our drinking water from the lake.

In the foreground of the above photo you can see, “Soldier Field”, where the Chicago Bears play in the National Football League (NFL).  At capacity, this stadium can hold 61,500 cheering fans (and for their sake, most of them better be cheering for the Bears!).

I thought I’d give you a perspective from my view inside the helicopter! And a sunroof included!

Behind the Scenes:

I asked Chicago Helicopter Experience pilot a question that I really wondered about, given their fortunate position of flying over this fantastic city of ours:

If you could fly over anything/anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Here is the interesting response:

Alaska for sure.  Some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet without leaving the U.S., so I don’t need to transfer my pilot certificates.  I’m also a long time enthusiast of mountain sports.

I had an absolute blast gliding above Chicago’s lakefront and downtown areas.  I honestly cannot wait to go back up again and snap more photos to share with you.  Ah, but next time I was thinking perhaps a dusk tour would be interesting!  Many of you know I love to photograph sunrises, cloud formations, and a combo of both; at dusk, I’ll bet the scenery would be magical!

Here is the contact information to find out more about this unique and thrilling helicopter tour:

Website:  https://www.chicagohelicopterexperience.com/

Phone:  312.967.8687

And again, huge thanks to Katie Cameron from CHE for her assistance!



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