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Looting, COVID-19, & Tornado Warnings: Chicago’s Triple Play

I wish I could report a lottery win or a pot of gold found at the end of the rainbow!

Instead, I’m writing about the ‘off the charts’ day that was Chicago yesterday (Monday.)

The first thing I heard about yesterday morning was the awful, senseless, and ridiculous scene that had unfolded during the overnight hours. Wide-spread looting took place in downtown Chicago, with beautiful store-front windows smashed to pieces while individuals decided to help themselves by brazenly walking over shattered glass, grabbing whatever they fancied.

As many of you know, I spend a lot of time in downtown Chicago; to see the places I literally shop at being taken over by angry looters was almost too much to bear.

Ah, but it was only Monday morning. Surely the day would get much better, wouldn’t it?

With COVID-19 cases nowhere near a flattened curve, I tried as best as I could yesterday to stay positive.

The day went on, and I was hopeful for something positive to occur.

That’s when I heard the community warning siren blaring outside. Quickly I grabbed my phone only to see a TORNADO warning on my screen for the City of Chicago and surrounding areas.

Wait, what? A tornado coming towards Chicago. I didn’t know that tornadoes happened in this area. Apparently, it is a rare occurrence. It just seemed to be that ‘rare’ day with so many other ‘interesting’ incidents going on as well.

The photo at the top of this post is what I saw before taking cover. Just for reference, can you see the tiny red light (beacon) at the bottom of the screen? It really does put into perspective how huge this storm was. I know it is difficult to see, but just above the red beacon is the beginning of a swirling water spout. It was at that point I moved away from the windows and hoped for the best.

As if I was expecting some kind of “Wizard of Oz” scene to come by my window, all I could see were leaves and the odd bag and debris. Still, I prayed that nothing else would find its way near the window.

I must tell you that I was scared silly. I saw some photos of huge, uprooted trees, damaged cars, houses, etc. Thankfully, this was not the case for my area.

Finally, the storm calmed, Lake Michigan became calm, and so did I.

So yes, my dear readers, that was Monday!

Something positive did come from yesterday. Damage occurred to ‘things,’ yes, but everyone is safe, and of course that is the most important thing to consider. Today is a brilliant, sunny day.

I hope whatever corner of the planet you find yourself in today that it is peaceful and serene.

Here’s to 2021!!! 😉


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