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Hello L.A.! Looking Lovely, I Must Say!

Last week I wrote a post about my recent trip to Los Angeles, having won a trip to this iconic city:  I’ve Been Away Because I Won A Trip To L.A.! 

I took a lot of photos, so I’ll keep sifting through them to show you bits and bobs of what I saw!  The above photo just had to include one heck of a straight up palm tree! My goodness it was tall!  In the background you can see a segment of the Hollywood Hills.  I find it so interesting to see this type of landscape, as Chicago is very flat with nothing resembling a hill for miles.  Looking at all of the houses  nestled contentedly in the mountainous area is mesmerizing to me.  I am so used to looking out at Lake Michigan with its horizon line always in my view.  But this, oh this is anything but uniform; and yet, it works!

Have you ever seen any plants or trees like these?  I’m thinking Dr. Seuss books, Jurassic Park, anything but reality!  I don’t know what on earth they are called, but I quite like them!  Another California curiosity!

Ah, the Roosevelt Hotel, with its name lit up in orange neon at night, a beacon for the bygone Golden Age of Hollywood.  Built in 1926, this hotel hosted the first Academy Awards back in 1929.  The building is a Spanish Revival Style, and has been continuously used as a hotel since the day it opened.  Quite a historic building, and definitely an important part of the L.A./Hollywood landscape!

Just outside of L.A. is the breath-taking San Fernando Valley.  With its vast and bold hills framing the scene, it struck me as quite a dichotomy to see natural beauty entwined with man-made structures.  Somehow I think it works, especially if you are one of the fortunate people to have a view from this spectacular part of the world!

Lots more to come! I’ll be posting from some other areas around L.A., including my oh so favorite, ‘Long Beach, California!’

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