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How To See Chicago From A Captivating Angle – Part 1

Wow…..That sums up my recent helicopter ride over Chicago with the outstanding company, “Chicago Helicopter Experience“!  I’ll be writing 3 posts about my experience gliding above Lake Michigan and the downtown Chicago shoreline.  I’m going to start by answering my own question:  “Would I take the tour again?” You bet I would, and I plan on it; next time, a night tour to see the luminescent Chicago skyline!

I wasn’t exactly certain what to expect from my first helicopter ride. Having seen my fair share of whirly-birds from a distance, it was almost a surreal experience actually riding in one.  Despite the fact this might sound silly, to me it actually felt almost dreamlike.  Have you ever had a dream where you are flying; you know, floating and/or jetting around, but not in a conventional aircraft?

The ‘dream sequence’ started when we took off.  Given the fact helicopters can make some pretty quick and interesting maneuvers, I felt as if I was seeing the familiar in a most unfamiliar manner. Within mere seconds, we were up and away headed toward Lake Michigan, with the downtown area looming large in the background.

See what I mean? As I looked to my left with my nose practically scraping the large window (throwback to a child looking in a candy store window, perhaps?) there it was, downtown Chicago, the Willis (Sears) Tower (the largest, dark building), and the Chicago River, all at once!  I tried to take in as much as I possibly could, desperately hoping to miss absolutely nothing in my view!

Having seen so many of Chicago’s iconic buildings up close and in small scenes, one room or floor at a time, provided a framework of sorts when I saw them in their ‘entirety’!! Good heavens, there was the Adler Planetarium in its full regalia:

The Adler is the round building jetting out, practically ‘in’ Lake Michigan!

By the way, I wanted to give you some information on this extremely unique tour that will not only appeal to tourists, but to Chicagoans as well:

Behind the Scenes:

Chicago Helicopter Experience (CHE) is starting its 5th year of providing astounding views of downtown Chicago and the lakefront. With a current fleet of 4 helicopters and 5 pilots, there are a number of tours to choose from, ranging from day, twilight, and evening tours along the lakefront and downtown Chicago areas.  When I asked CHE what people can expect from any of the tours, they mentioned that it will be an epic experience that you will remember for a lifetime.  I agree completely!

I’ll leave you at the Adler Planetarium for the moment!  Next time, I’ll take you with me as we take a look at the John Hancock Building (“Big John”, as the locals call it) with the Chicago River meandering its way through the downtown area.  I’ve got a lot more to share with you!!

Here is the contact information to check out this incredible Chicago adventure:

Website:  https://www.chicagohelicopterexperience.com/

Phone:  312.967.8687

Special thanks to Katie Cameron from CHE for her gracious assistance!  

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