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New Mexico Magic!

New Mexico October 2015 2

Despite the fact we actually had our vacation in California, you’d hardly know it with the New Mexico photos I’ve taken! Our train trip the, “Southwest Chief” as it is called, meanders its way across the country through a number of states.  However, New Mexico is so vast that a good portion of our traveling was through this phenomenal, majestic state.  Arizona was another state that we traveled through; however, it was all done at night, so we literally never saw it coming or going to and from Los Angeles and Chicago.

Isn’t this an incredible sight!  Once again, New Mexico had me feeling as if I was in an old-fashioned cowboy movie.  At times I actually expected to see horsemen riding alongside the train, guns a-blazin’!  My imagination took over, to be sure.

Do you see the orange hues of the hills?  The soil is orange as well.  Miles and miles of open land, with not a soul in sight.  I stand corrected.  I saw an antelope, but he was too quick for me to take his photo!

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