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Igloos & a Canadian Prairie Setting Sun

Well now, what do we have here? Why, it’s an igloo! Could this be Canada? Why yes, yes it is!

My sweet, dear niece is a University student (college) who recently participated in a fantastic endeavor with some classmates.

Not only did they build igloos, but they slept in them for a couple of nights! Prairie snow was plentiful, so there was no lacking for materials to use for the igloo building!

As you can see, there were a number of igloos constructed, and despite the soon-to-be setting sun, a classmate of my niece’s was still hard a work putting the finishing touches on the roof of one of these incredible structures.

Cozy under a caribou blanket, my niece reported it was nice and warm in the igloo.

As I have spoken about before, this is another reason why I absolutely cannot complain about the winter weather here in Chicago. Knowing how I used to feel during a frosty Prairie February makes me sure to keep my weather woes in check!

Did you feel cold looking at these pictures? I get it, really I do. But as my hearty Prairie people like to say, “At least it’s sunny!”

Thanks hugely to my wonderful niece for allowing me to post these terrific, snowy pics!


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