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Friday File – Building is on fire? Put that fork down immediately!


–  photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

It’s Friday so let’s bring some levity to the week’s woes, shall we?

The “law”; there’s always lots of it and plenty to say about it.  Suppose for a moment, all of the draconian laws ever put into place were suddenly resurrected.  You, my dear reader, might be watching your Ps and Fs!  If you are in Joliet, Illinois, I’d watch my PRONUNCIATION of the city’s name, and if you are here in CHItown, be mindful of the nearest FIRE when eating your deep dish pizza!

Fire newspaper Circquedusoleil

– photo courtesy of cirquedusoleil.com

Let me get this straight:  there is a law that prevents one from eating food whilst in a building that is on fire, but is does not preclude BEING on fire? The picture above seems to serve as permission to also read a newspaper whilst on fire, but NOT , in any way, shape or formed food substance can you enjoy your food while in the company of flames!

Fire Eater

– photo courtesy of fireeater.com

I suppose then it is quite acceptable to even EAT the fire, but not to slurp one’s soup in the building which contains the smoke and flames.

I would be lackadaisical if I did not expose this enlightening ordinance found in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It is against the law to go nude in your own home if the blinds are up.

cat peeking out of blinds

– photo courtesy of onesight2011india1.wordpress.com

That’s right, kitty-kat, keep those shades shut when you are skulking around your abode in your birthday suit.  After all, it’s the naked truth!

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