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Sunday Serenity: Send in the Clouds!

As many of you know, I take a lot of photos of clouds over Lake Michigan (and sunrises too)!  Clouds fascinate me.  I love how they can change shape right in front of you, often appearing as objects we recognize.

On a whim, I googled something like, “Do a lot of people like clouds”?  Lo and behold, I came across, “The Cloud Appreciation Society”! Who knew? With over 43,000 members worldwide, I guess loving clouds is really a ‘thing’! Why, they even have a, “Cloud Manifesto”, touting the value of clouds against the, ‘blue sky thinking’.  In other words, these cloud collectors feel that life would be boring weren’t it for the dreamy, thought-provoking, calming, fascinating world of clouds.

I must admit, I wholeheartedly agree.  Blue skies are lovely; don’t we all tend to say (with reverence) at one time or another, “There wasn’t a cloud in the sky”.  However, without the puffy shape-shifters to dot our skies, the never-ending blue would be somewhat monotonous after a while, don’t you think?  I do find that staring skywards at clouds more often than not allows me to clear my mind, seek answers to a quandary, or simply relax in the most dream-like manner.

So here’s to the clouds and their collaboration with our day-dreaming, problem solving, calming, and idea-gathering ways.

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