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Saturday Preponderance – Where No Logic Prevails


I think Saturday mornings have become “serenity time” for me during the past few months.  When the busy week is but a memory, and Lake Michigan is gently asking to be noticed while I sport a big mug of coffee, this is when my thoughts turn to quiet introspection.

This morning’s preponderance is all about situations in which logic doesn’t prevail.  It seems to me there will always be someone you know who will/can provide an explanation about practically anything.  Do you know someone like that?  For this person there is nothing they cannot seem to leave in the ‘wow, that’s a cool mystery’ category.  No, they will, no matter what, tell you WHY something occurred, and even go so far as to tell you that your ‘mystery’ isn’t really a mystery at all.  I must admit some things can be logically explained, while others are in a thought-provoking realm of the ‘cosmic coolness’ if you will.

This is certainly not an earth-shattering experience I am about to unveil; nonetheless, I felt it was a rather intriguing experience and I quite like putting it in the ‘who knows’ department, as opposed to a down-right ‘justifiable explanation’ category.

The other day I was waiting for the bus.  It was an exceptionally windy day; in fact, so much so that I swear someone pushed the, “full-on gale force” button up in the ethers.  There was a girl standing in the bus shelter with me.  Silence between us continued for at least ten minutes.  I kept thinking over and over, “I should start a conversation about how windy it is today.”  But I didn’t.  I don’t know why I felt I should start a conversation about this in the first place.  Perhaps it is the Canadian in me, as we absolutely love to talk about weather!  Talking about weather in Canada is an actual pastime, and I’m sure could easily become a sport.  Well, if we didn’t already love hockey that is.  Why, even my own parents like to watch the weather network, to which I usually say, “You’ve got the real thing outside, why watch it on the tv?”   But they usually don’t hear me;  there’s a typhoon in Taiwan that’s happening on the weather network.

weather network

Ah, but I digress.  Back to the bus shelter and out of the wooshing of the wind.  My bus was approaching when all of a sudden the girl stated, “I can’t believe how windy it is today.” I quickly turned around and replied, “Oh, yes, it is crazy out here today, isn’t it?” And with that, she continued to wait for her bus while I got on mine and went on my merry little way.  Well that was an interesting experience I thought.  And yet, the “that which cannot be explained” wasn’t done with me just yet.

My reason for getting on the bus was to attend a focus group.  There was a question posed to the group of about 30 people.  “What commercial stands out in your mind as either the best or worst you’ve ever seen?”  Immediately I thought of a commercial with a father and son who try out a cleaning appliance on their floors.  I love this commercial because the dear little boy is a sweetheart!  This is what I kept thinking about, although I did not offer this information to the group.  Lots of answers were given, and most of the commercials were older and classic (does anyone in the US or Canada remember the, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” talking chihuahua commercial?)  All at once the woman DIRECTLY in the seat in front of mine said, “I like the commercial where the father and son are trying out the Swiffer WetJet because the little boy is so cute!”


Coincidence and amusing.  Isn’t it ‘interesting’ that this happened to me twice in a matter of hours.  Those of the logical mind, no worries, you may put your Spock thoughts on this with a Vulcan mind meld if you wish.

Spock Mind Meld

I’m going to place these little experiences back where they came from:  in my repertoire of musings and mystery.  What’s that?  You don’t think these quips came from celestial spaces we don’t yet understand?  That’s quite alright, really.  I am sure something will show up some day regarding the perceived, “out there” and shower us with information we do not yet comprehend.  In fact, I will check with my parents; I’m sure it will first be shown on the weather network.


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