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“A Humbling Experience”, Written By My Mum :)

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Humility, gratitude, thankful, appreciation; these are all words  which seem to be thrown around a lot these days, especially during the holidays (American Thanksgiving next week).  But I feel we need to practice these things every single day.  It certainly shouldn’t matter what the calendar says; staying in tune with a humble mind and a grateful heart mustn’t be specifically reserved for the holidays.

My Mum is a wonderful writer.  She had a thought-provoking experience recently that, in reflection, allowed her to truly view the situation in an entirely different way (than what she ‘thought’ at the time it was happening).  When she told me about it recently, I asked her to write about it.  Without further ado, here it is:

A Humbling Experience

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a work in progress. Just when I think I’ve got it made, wisdom/spirit wise I get a reminder that I ain’t perfect yet!

Case in point: recently I entered my favourite coffee shop on a bitter cold and windy day, never thinking twice about my ability to pay for whatever I fancied. Then I heard a voice behind me. “Excuse me, is this your hat? I found it just outside the door.”

Turning I beheld a man with long flowing hair and beard, far from nattily dressed, holding out a winter hat. “No, it isn’t, thanks”, I replied, turning away quickly. Then I heard him ask another person in line.

“Yes, it is, thank you very much. Here, let me buy you a coffee” said the grateful owner.

I realized then that the man would never have entered this upscale coffee shop. But he found the hat and wanted to see who it belonged to on this wintery day.

He could easily have kept if for himself and no-one would have been the wiser.

You see, he was bare-headed. And because I did not really look, for all I know perhaps he didn’t have a scarf, gloves or warm boots either. Things I take for granted.

Since then, I have thought of what I could have done, had I taken the time to really truly ‘see’. And I hope that next time I am not so quick to judge and that I try to extend an act of kindness and compassion.

And that most of all I realize, “There but for the Grace of God go I.”


Thank you, Mum.  You have always taught me to be kind, grateful, compassionate, caring, and non-judgmental.  I needed these reminders and I appreciate you sharing your experience, which is humbling in and of itself.  Taking the time to reflect on our actions and words equates to the growth of our soul.  I too am a work in progress, but I know we are always given opportunities that allow us to put what we’ve learned into action.  Sometimes it just takes a little reminder to show us what we already know, or what we really need to learn.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday filled with gratitude and humility.

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