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Sunday Serenity: Pushing the Reset Button

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Have you ever experienced a week when so many things seemed to go in the exact opposite direction of your original intentions?  I’ve had that kind of week; suffice it to say, it’s been a strange one.  Things here in Chicago seemed to be out of whack in one form or another.  As a few examples, someone robbed a bank and walked along the highly dangerous (live power) train tracks to get away (which caused the entire line’s power to be shut down – my line, and yes, I was on the train at the time) which caused major delays.  The robber was caught and no one was hurt.  I was in a store and unfortunately bore witness to not one, but two people yelling at store clerks within a 5 minute period.  Even a swimming pool I frequent was, “closed for repairs”. *sigh*

Now, I only mention these things because, truthfully, they are not typical in my daily experiences in Chicago.  Sure this is a large, vast city with lots of good and bad things happening, but I primarily experience the good things that Chicago has to offer.  But as I said, these were a few examples of left becoming right, and up showing itself as down.

So here is what I am going to do.  I’m going to push the imaginary reset button, and see if that works!  I’m going to start over with my intention that this upcoming week will be filled with all kinds of synchronistic, positive events.  I’m doing this so I can focus on clear intention and not on the bewildering threads of experiences that happened last week.  I often wonder if the energy of our planet somehow makes varying shifts and collectively at times we experience unusual circumstances all over the place.  Conversely, at times it seems that people are having an influx of great situations in their midst.

At any rate, whatever the wonky energy ‘out there’, it’s time to reset and forget! I’m very curious to know if this sort of thing has ever made its way into your experiences.

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