Wednesday Weaponry Warning?

Gun Pic at Library

Well here’s one for the books my friends.  The above picture was taken as I was entering a building.  Was the building a courthouse? No.  Perhaps I was walking into a special government office? Alas, I was not.

Ladies and gentlemen, this sign awaits visitors who are entering the……………wait for it……..


Yes, a library.  A building of books, barcodes, and the former dewey decimal system.   Bewilderment is a rather appropriate descriptor for my feelings about this.  A little taken aback?  Yes, I certainly was and saddened by the very fact the library felt it necessary to post such a ‘warning’, as it were.

“Pursuant to 430 ILCS 66/65” is the caption under the sign.  There is nothing else posted, so I took the liberty of looking up this caption.  What I found was a piece of legislation issued by the State of Illinois.  It was a lengthy document but in a nutshell it notes that you cannot ‘knowingly’ bring a firearm into a list of building types and spaces; libraries was subsection 18.

If you have been visiting The Chicago Files for a while now, you will already be aware I love to write about all kinds of observations and findings here in Chicago, from the silly to the serious; clearly, this post is the latter.

I’ll step up onto my soapbox for a moment:  I pray for a world that does not require such signage when one is checking out a book on kindness, kites, or kittens.  I pray for a world that allows one to calmly enter a building to borrow a DVD on “How to Ballroom Dance”, or “Build Your Own Bookshelf”.  I pray for a world when one can attend a lecture about poetry writing without worrying that the person next to me is packing more than a nervous sweat when called upon to recite their Haiku.  I pray for a world that allows tiny kiddos to sit cross-legged in a circle listening to Miss Mary share exciting tales of space travel and purple dinosaurs, without apprehension of mayhem.

Yes, these are the things I think about when I am greeted by a glass door bearing a gun picture with a line through it.

These are the points I ponder for a world in which the intentions of those for peace will understand.

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