Updates on baby sea otter, “Pearl”

Luna Sea Otter

– all photos courtesy of sheddaquarium.org

Look at our girl, growing up so fast!  The above photo is from December, 2014; “Pearl”, as I affectionately named this little gem, has now been given an official name.  I would like to introduce you to, “Luna”.  The name was chosen to correspond with the location at which she was found by a passerby who heard her little cries at only one week old.  “Half-Moon Bay”, California is Luna’s birthplace.

When this photo was taken in December, Luna weighed 12 pounds; quite the leap from a mere 2 pounds when she was found back in October, 2014.  Our baby sea otter spent her first few weeks at the Monterey (California) Aquarium, which was followed by a trip to her new home at the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago.

As a recap, this is what Luna looked like when she first arrived at the Shedd (all 5 pounds of her):

Luna Sea Otter Oct 2014

Here she is in November, 2014:


She is growing and has learned to dive.  Luna recently discovered the pouches under her arms, which sea otters use to hold rocks to perhaps break open some lunch; I mean, a clamshell or two.  Here is a recent photo of her holding something rather curious:


Can you see what she has in her paws? It’s an ice cube! Apparently this is her new favorite treat!

Our girl has lost her baby sea otter fur:


I shall keep you up-to-date on, “Luna”, but she will always be, “Pearl” to me!

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