The Friday File…….Where there’s smoke there’s…………art?


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Here at The Chicago Files we endeavor to entertain, inspire, and perhaps even bring the odd question mark to loom over your head.

Today’s post (if my made-up calculations are correct) will elicit all three factors in one post! Ah, and you thought a message in a bottle was intriguing (so do I, to be perfectly honest)!

The above photo shows the work of the sensationally talented ‘smoke’ artist named Jim Dingilian.  Jim’s work has a magical quality to it. His smokey showcases capture scenes of suburban decay.  Jim seizes smoke in order to capitulate the desecration of today’s modern suburban lifestyle.  Despite the rather dismal aspect to it, Jim Dingilian’s art demonstrates beauty from deterioration.   He starts with the most simplistic of tools, and from there creates sensational smoke art.  Let’s spy on Jim for a moment to see how he does this:


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Jim starts his stunning art by enveloping the inside of a bottle with smoke.  He proceeds to utilize various tools placed on the end of dowels and erases portions of the smoke-stained glass, thereby leaving behind the art in a bottle.

Would you like to see some more spell-bounding smoke creations?  I thought you’d never ask:


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More? Okay, feast thine eyes on this:


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*Whistling…..looks at watch…………* Oh, hi! No, no, please, by all means, take your time.  I’ll just busy myself by thinking about products I would like to someday acquire.  Continue, I do not mind:


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These striking, smokey scenes of suburban decay are on display at the Packer Schopf Gallery here in Chicago.  This post leads me to beg the question, if we combine the ‘message in a bottle’ and the ‘smoke art in a bottle’ into one, would you get the message?


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