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Sunday Serenity: The Day After a Blue Moon

Now, what do we have here? Apologies for the less than stellar quality of the photo above, but I sure did try and capture this remarkable scene as best as I could!

Last night’s full moon not only occured on Halloween, but it was also a ‘blue moon.’ I’ve always been familiar with the term, but wasn’t exactly certain ‘what’ it meant.

Apparently, a ‘blue moon’ occurs when there is more than one full moon in any given month. The second full moon is what gives it its ‘blue’ status. A blue moon is usually 30% brighter than a ‘normal’ full moon.

Case in point in the photo above: When I took this shot, I had no idea the moon beams would replicate the man-made street lights with a brilliant light line; however, it did. Can you see the moonbeams on Lake Michigan’s surface? How’s that for illuminating the lake?

I was so struck by the almost ‘daytime’ feeling of this moon; and yet, you can see the darkness below. It was almost as if we were experiencing day and night at the same time. Quite the blue moon factor indeed.

I  hope you are having a calm, peaceful, and restorative day; here’s to those kinds of days occurring much more often than the blue moon!

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