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The Chicago Files – First Blog Party! Saturday, August 1st!

deep dish pizza(photo courtesy of

Many of you in the blogosphere know the awesome blog, “Suzie Speaks“.  Suzie is an absolute doll, and she recently hosted a, “Blog Party”.  I have participated in Suzie’s blog parties and several others as well.  They are a terrific way of meeting new bloggers, sharing your blog, and learning a lot about a plethora of subjects!

I am going to host a blog party here at The Chicago Files!  The ‘party’ will be held next Saturday, August 1st.  There will be a ‘party post’ announcing the party has now begun!

Taking a page (literally!) from Suzie’s blog party notes (thank you, Suzie!), here are a few simple ‘rules’:

1. Choose one of your favorite posts from your blog.  Whatever you’d like to share with the rest of us, whether it be about travel, novels, food, personal adventures, blogging, food, photography, etc…………. You may share up to three of your posts during the party, but please post only one at a time.  It’s best to wait a while before sharing your second and third posts, as it will give others enough time to join in the fun!

2. Paste the link to your post in the comment section of the ‘party post’; if you’d like to write something about yourself or describe your blog, we’d love it!

3. Have fun! Since this is Chicago, we’ll have virtual deep-dish pizza, drinks, and you might find a Canadian desert or two on the virtual blog food table!  Explore new blogs, comment on their posts, follow, reblog and share. Let other bloggers know that you met them here at this blog party!  Whether you are new to the blogging world or have been part of it for a while, this is a terrific opportunity for everyone to meet new and awesome bloggers (including them meeting you)!

I hope you can make it!

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