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Thursday Doors: D-Day Invasion 75th Anniversary – Sir Winston Churchill

The always awesome Norm from Norm 2.0 has a great weekly feature called, “Thursday Doors”.  He invites fellow bloggers to share unique and interesting doors that we happen upon.  Today’s door takes on double duty with a very special meaning (a door for Thursday Doors and historical signifance on June 6th, 1944.).

It is the 75th anniversary of the WWII D-Day Invasion.  On this day the allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France.  American, British, and Canadian troops were among those who fought in the greatest seaborne assault in history.

Sir Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister at that time, planned part of the D-Day invasion while aboard the RMS Queen Mary.  The luxury liner  was converted and refitted into a troop ship during WWII.

The door in this post is that of the “Churchill Suite”; this is the actual suite Churchill stayed in when he was on the ship.  I have been fortunate enough to stay in this suite a couple of times.  It is a surreal feeling to open this door and step into a space where Winston Churchill once stayed.  It’s quite overwhelming, to say the least.

I am giving extra prayers and huge appreciation to every single soldier who stormed the beaches of Normandy that day; and for those who didn’t make it past the water’s edge.  We will never forget you.


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