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How To See Chicago From A Captivating Angle – Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted, “How to See Chicago From a Captivating Angle – Part 1  sharing some pictures from a helicopter ride with, Chicago Helicopter Experience” (CHE) over the Chicago skyline!  As we continue ‘upwards’, here is part 2 of this incredible perspective of Chicago!

The photo above shows the Chicago River winding its way through the downtown area.  I was mesmerized not only by the color of the water, but how perfectly it fits into the landscape.  The road in the foreground is, “Lakeshore Drive”.  Songs have actually been written about this road; to the left is Lake Michigan, and to the right is the Chicago River.  It’s a spectacular road to travel on (that is, if it isn’t rush hour!).

Wow, isn’t this gorgeous! Flying over Lake Michigan and continuing parallel to Lakeshore Drive we have Grant Park; this is the location President Obama gave his acceptance speech in 2008.  Can you see a fountain in the foreground?  This is, “Buckingham Fountain”, a beautiful, almost majestic landmark of Chicago.  It was also featured in the opening scene for the sitcom, “Married With Children”.  I never watched the show but for a few episodes, yet I remember the fountain!

Oh my goodness, what do we have here?  This is a shot looking back at the two areas we just flew over.  You can see the John Hancock on the left-hand side reaching for the sky, in addition to the Willis (Sears) Tower on the right-hand side looming large as well.  Both are black buildings with antenna on top.

Behind the Scenes:

I posed the following question to a pilot with Chicago Helicopter Experience:

Has your perception of Chicago changed now that you view it from the air?  Does it seem different somehow when you are on ‘land’?  

Here’s the terrific response:

“My perception of the city has changed a great deal.  At first, I was actually more familiar with Chicago from the air then on the ground. But seeing the city every day from the air, I find myself driven to go and see specific things in downtown to see what they look like from the ground.  Also, my initial perception of Chicago, from my first day here, was grey and gloomy as there was bad weather rolling in.  Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to see Chicago in many different lights and angles.

There are many different ways to see Chicago; land, water, and air. Truly the latter is now at the top of my ‘fav’ list!  I’ve got more photos to share with you, so please stay tuned for ‘Part 3’ where I’ll show you some more Chicago ‘angles’ from above!

Here is the contact information to find out more about this spectacular, helicopter journey:


Phone:  312.967.8687

Again, special thanks to Katie Cameron from CHE for her wonderful support!

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